The blog

I really never expected to write a blog. Especially not a blog about such a wide array of topics and concerns. It was only after a few too many lattes at the local coffee shop with a friend that I started considering it; after she stated “you should really have a blog”. I then tried to narrow down something specific to write about. I couldn’t, because life is considerably to complex and connected to reduce anything down to a neat little package of blog posts.

So instead of a blog about something, you get a blog about everything. But there will be some definite themes and categories, things that are relevant to our lives and interesting. Here are some of my interests;

Systems. Everything and everyone is connected (hence the title of the blog). Yet, for strange reasons, we like to thing of things in terms of silo’s, categories, directions (right wing vs. the liberal left), etc. We attempt to reduce our world into the smallest unit possible so that it can make sense for a brief moment. Reductionist thinking needs to be augmented with a system’s wide approach to change.

Addiction and Change. I work at a remote wilderness addiction’s treatment centre. It’s awesome, scary, rewarding and fascinating. Watching people change who they are and what they believe is awesome. The short step from functional to dysfunctional, and the challenges facing people with addictions is scary. It’s all rewarding and fascinating.

Sustainability. I completed a Master’s in Environment and Management through Royal Roads University in 2010. Finding the sustainable road is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today, and worth talking about.

Everything else. I’m a bit of a tech-geek. I’m interested in politics, evolution, brain research, travel, leadership and governance, education, small and large institutions, reading, and last but not least, nature and its role in keeping us grounded in being human.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. They are not sanctioned by my employer or any group that I may volunteer with or represent. 

All content is my own (including photos), except where otherwise noted. I like to read, and will often review books and make suggestions of where to find other interesting things, on the web and otherwise. We have more information at our fingertips than any other time in history…there needs to be a few gatekeepers and “digital librarians”. If you find stuff that you want to use (for non-commercial purposes) or share, totally cool (please just adhere to normal standards of acknowledging where you got it from).