Why I won’t teach my children to “not hate”

A few years ago I wrote a post in the aftermath of the Newton, Connecticut shooting. I’ve been trying to avoid blogging about the news as a general rule of thumb, but the recent attack in Orlando has me all fired up.

My son is now almost five, and he’s got a two year old sister.

And neither of them are going to be taught by my wife and I to not hate other people.

“Not hating” someone is a pretty *$%!ing low bar to set for ourselves. Because “not hating” them still implies that there’s a damn good reason you could hate them. They’re different. They’re weird. They believe in something you don’t. They act in ways you don’t.

“Not hating” someone is awfully close to tolerating them, which in and of itself is loaded with a superiority complex that we have no desire in bequeathing to the next generation.

Before you can shoot up a nightclub full of people, you have to find a reason to hate them. You have to judge them as immoral, alien, other.

And in order to judge them as such, someone needs to have taught you that. Someone needs to impress upon your young brain that homosexuality is a sin. That Muslim’s are terrorists. That poor people are lazy. (____________ insert your judgment here).

So we’re not going to teach our kids to not hate.

We’re going to teach them to love.

Same, same….but very different.

What do you think?

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