A (veteran) affair to remember.

Today marks the official end of the 12-year war in Afghanistan. Defense Minister Robert Nicholson welcomed back the last few troops with these words;

Today, we can’t help but pause to think of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan. We pay tribute to the families who are the strength behind the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Which, of course, is what he should say. However you feel towards the war (this war, or wars in general), it can’t be denied the courage it takes to fight in a foreign country, the threat of death or dismemberment hanging over your every move. 

Unfortunately, while praising these brave soldier with his right hand, the federal government is systematically dismantling their supports with his left. From closing veteran’s affairs offices to claiming that veterans don’t have a “social contract” with Canada, our government seems hell-bent on saving a few bucks at the expense of societies bravest…our warriors and peacemakers. 

It’s quickly becoming apparent that no one is at the mercy of the “fat” trimming knife being wielded by the Conservative’s, and I can’t help but feel that these cuts to our vets are getting awfully close to the bone. Want to trim some fat? Let’s start with not spending 100 million (that’s million with an m) on tax-payer funded advertisements for the Conserv…er…”Economic Action Plan”.

And this whole situation begs the broader question, if wounded veterans don’t have a social contract with this version of the Government of Canada…who the hell does? 


  1. Great post Jeff! If they’re willing to cut something this important to some of our bravest citizens, it’s pretty scary to think about what could be next. It’s almost as though nothing is safe from these cutbacks.

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