Paleo Basics

Every day for the past couple of weeks I’ve been having at least one conversation with coworkers, friends, family (and sometimes brand new acquaintances) about the ins and outs of the paleo diet. And I’m meeting more and more people who are transitioning in that direction, usually as a result of going wheat free.

So…for all those folks who’ve been thinking about or dabbling with going paleo, this workshop is for you.

Join me on the evening of October 17th in Cochrane for a workshop called “Paleo Basics”. More info and online registration available here.

We’re going to take a practical look at the paleo diet, and why (and how) it’s helped me control diabetes, lose weight, lower my cholesterol and generally improve my all-around health and wellness. We’ll talk about how going gluten free isn’t nearly enough, and how you can experience your best health on the “original human diet”.

And if you’re curious about the fees, all proceeds are being split between supporting Givyup (a social business venture) and my 2-year old son’s RESP’s. Because the world needs more awesome, and my son needs an education (eventually).

What do you think?

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