Information? No thanks.

As Judy Stewart (a long time steward of all things environmental in Cochrane) put it recently, the silly season has begun. Unfortunately, it’s actually been around for quite some time around a few hot topics in town (namely transit).

Recently, there was a motion before Town Council here in Cochrane that read:

That Council directs administration to prepare and submit a Transit Implementation Plan to the Alberta Transportation Green TRIP incentives program to confirm capital funding approval.

Now, you would think that this sort of motion wouldn’t cause a lot of fuss, and seems like a logical step in a process that’s been running now for a couple of years. Namely because the Green TRIP funding for Cochrane has already been approved (to a total of 6.1 million dollars), and this request is merely asking for information from the province, on which future decisions could be made. (Read the recommendations here).

Of course, if you’re a counsellor who’s already made up your mind that Cochrane is too small for transit, then this information is irrelevant, maybe even inconvenient, for your unwavering opinion on the matter. It seems that Councillor’s Brooker and Toews aren’t just anti-transit, they also take issue with gathering information on the topic.

I’m not always certain of the qualities I like most in a politician, but a stubborn unwillingness to gather the appropriate information prior to making major decisions that have long term impacts on the growth of a community, certainly isn’t one of them.

Bring on the silly season.

What do you think?

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