Everyone needs a “change the world” project.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about problems. How’s that for an opening line? If you’re still reading at this point, which I hope you are, you can rest assured that I’m not going to bore you with this post. It just might be the most important post to date (and there’s a funny video at the end).

I’m about to launch a social business with my business partner (and brother in law), Alex Bruton. I’ve written a bit about social business before, and how they’re designed to solve problems.

Solving problems. I believe there’s a moral obligation for all of us to put our skills, talent, time and energy into the business of solving problems (not creating them or ignoring them!). There’s an intersection for all of us, a crossroads of opportunity and capacity. At this crossroad is a problem, something that is visible and tangible for you (aka, an opportunity). Also at the crossing is a skill or talent that you can use to fight this problem (your capacity).

Of course, it involves some “big picture” thinking, as often we unwittingly create problems in an attempt to solve another. If you see a problem in your community, and have the aptitude to do something about….but choose not to…are you now complicit in that problem? Responsible for its very existence? I argue yes. All we’re missing is that magic third ingredient, a little inspiration.

Here’s how my inspiration for this social business came about.

Step 1. I was diagnosed with diabetes about 18 months ago (I’ve also written about this here). You start to wonder about the impact you’re having in the world when faced with the prospect of leaving it early.

Step 2. My wife and I had a baby. Nothing prompts getting your ass in gear towards making the world a better place than bringing a child into it.

Step 3. Justin Bieber (seriously, I know). The guy donated his 17th birthday to Charity Water (out of NYC). He raised 47K from a bunch of fans.

As promised, here’s a funny bloopers reel of Alex and I bootstrapping a video in a park in Calgary.

And now that you’re all intrigued about what the heck we’re up to, head on over to Givyup. Ask for an invitation code and we’ll get you rolling.

Opportunity+Capacity+Inspiration= A change the world project.

What’s yours?

What do you think?

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