Paleo Baby

So I promised my wife that I wouldn’t post pictures of our child on the blog. There are numerous reasons why, including (but not limited to), the fact that he has no choice in the matter, the internet is a permanent record and privacy is a big deal. We still struggle a bit with facebook, but the fact that grandma’s and great-grandma’s can keep tabs on his development is pretty cool.

None of that relates to the topic of the post (but does explain why a post titled “paleo baby” has no pictures of an actual baby). What the hell do you feed a baby, when you’ve sworn off things like wheat and corn? Imagine, childhood without cheerios!

Well, his very first solid food was avocado. And he was pretty stoked on it. Anyone ever read Avocado Baby? Turns out it’s pretty accurate, although our 10 month old is definitely not lifting weights (yet!).

I was cruising through Shopper’s the other day and decided to check out some of the baby “foods”. The first thing I spotted was Nestle Gerber Baby “mixed grain cereal”. Here’s a shot of the nutritional information and the ingredient list.

Now that you’re all familiar with Wheat Belly…anything wrong with this picture? First of all, check out the serving size: 28 grams. 5 Tablespoons. For a little comparison, that’s the same sugar content (8g) as a 30g serving of 70% dark Lindt chocolate. But the chocolate’s actually better for you, because the carb content is lower, and fats are higher.  I’m not advocating that you feed your baby chocolate (please don’t!). It’s just interesting.

Something else that’s interesting is the reaction that people are having to the notion of eliminating grains from their diet. Some people are well on their way, others are pretty resistant to the idea. For those that need a little motivation, check out this guy.


Back to feeding babies. Why would my wife and I knowingly feed our little guy something that’s proven to be toxic to ourselves? I was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago (a disease whose symptoms have disappeared on a paleo diet). I saw this quote on Facebook the other day:

“Food can either be mother nature’s best form of medicine… or mankind’s slowest form of poison.”

I know which route we’re going with our little one.


  1. Great points about feeding your little man. Check out the “nutrition facts” on any “baby food” and you’ll notice they’re all very high in sugar and often sodium (not just the grain cereals). One of the reasons I chose to feed my children home-prepared baby foods…

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