Talking about Transit

Sometimes it’s nice to hear people talk instead of read what they write. Here’s a clip from a public forum that happened a few weeks ago in Cochrane regarding Public Transportation. Many thanks to Maihaa Rayne for shooting the video, editing and publishing it!

One comment

  1. As we are engaged in the process of “Talking about Transit” now we can all “hear” each person’s unique point-of-view and perspectives on “Transit in Cochrane”, as well as “seetheconnection”.

    I feel encouraged that there are people whose choose to be a model and example of living and implementing “sustainability” practices in their own personal lives, as well as in the focus of their work and their volunteer efforts.

    I am happy that you chose to leave a positive comment on this very first video segment that I have uploaded to my new YouTube Channel, as well as to “embed” this video into your blog.

    You are so welcome to use it and include it in any “sustainability” websites and emails to people you connect with!

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