(Not) Just the Facts.

I’m a couple of days late with this post, I was out in Banff enjoying the recent snowfall. Once again, I was hoping to write a post unrelated to something someone else wrote in the Cochrane Eagle. Maybe next week. Interesting transit news coming out of the other end of the Bow Valley these days.

What’s also interesting, and entirely unsurprising, is the recent flip-flop by columnist Mary Lou Davis in the Cochrane Eagle.

It’s been fairly obvious that she has been against transit since she wrote the “Time to Kill Transit” column before Christmas. Things were starting to look up, however, when she wrote on February 29th; “You don’t have to agree with me or each other but I really do want you to help me represent a broad section of the public voice since all of you won’t be able to attend this discussion.” This column was urging residents to contact her with their thoughts and opinions on Transit, regardless of being for or against.

A week later, this column makes it clear that there are people on the “no” side of the transit question who will take every public engagement opportunity as a chance to stand against something. And for all you latte lovers out there (I’m one of them!), Public Transit is not going to cost you one of those delicious beverages every day (unless you pay $0.17 for them).

A few questions I have for anyone reading this:

  1. What are the costs of NOT moving forward with Transit? Think social, economic and environmental. I can think of many (bigger parking lots in town and the suburbanization of Cochrane are real possibilities). Just because we are only discussing the implications on our taxes of one possible development scenario, doesn’t mean every other option is free or more affordable.
  2. Do the Pathways to Sustainability still hold true given your values and view of Cochrane? You can find these pathways in the Cochrane Sustainability Plan. Finding shared values and expectations is the fastest and most effective way for a community to reach a shared vision.

Finally, if THIS STUFF MATTERS to you (how Cochrane grows and develops as a collaborative community….or doesn’t….), then you really should be at the Public Engagement Launch event on Wednesday, March 14th (6-8pm at the RancheHouse).

See you all there.


  1. A well-written blog/posting/website. I agree with your viewpoints and perspectives, Jeff. The “flip-flop” you refer to by former Town Councilwoman Mary Lou demonstrates her clear bias as a nay-sayer all along. I really don’t know how she can ask citizens to give her all of our perspectives so that she can “fairly” represent us as a group… and who is this “we” she is referring to? Only one thousand, out of a population of more than 17,000 residents has never represented a majority!

    1. Hi Maihaa, and thanks for the comments. Funny enough, what I took from the fact that “1000 people” have signed the petition, is that 16,500 haven’t signed. Plebiscites and petitions are actually a terrible way to build a community…maybe I’ll write my next post on Community Building 101. Thanks for taking some time to engage in the conversation, and hopefully I will see you up at the RancheHouse on Wednesday (I’m on the discussion panel, it should be fun!).

      1. I appreciate your prompt reply, and agree with your “funny” take on this situation. I feel that our Mayor should never have “capitulated” by rescinding his majority vote of support in Council to those few outspoken council-people who are either new or lost public support in our last election (I certainly will never vote for any of them again) and the Publisher of one local newspaper who publishes and supports the column of the councilwoman who lost our vote, yet still wants to play the role and claim she represents our towns people!
        Yes, I am definitely planning to attend to listen in… and I am sure glad that you are there to represent your own views on this panel.

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