Transit in Cochrane. Part 1 (of many).

Whoa boy….where to start with this week’s gossip columns. Should I point out the blatant misinformation (since when is transit costing ‘millions’)? Or the obvious irrelevancies and poor lines of argumentation? How about I just give you my thoughts, straight up.

I find the irony in the statement “nobody is against transit, but let’s be reasonable” quite funny. First of all, Mary Lou Davis has written many columns in the Eagle (Jack’s own newspaper), trying to discredit transit. Heck, she started a “Stop the Bus” campaign, had T-shirt’s printed and started an anti-transit petition. All of this based on a proposed transit plan, prior to a public consultation process. Sounds like somebody is against transit. Just saying. She went as far as wanting to “kill transit“.

How about throwing the ol’ woman’s shelter idea into the conversation? Oh yeah, and let’s bring up the Humane Society funding, along with the fact that the town is buying advertising from the competing paper. Those types of arguments are called “red herrings”.  Lets get everyone emotionally charged about topics unrelated to the transit discussion, using our leverage as the editor of one of the local papers to have another weekly rant. Enough.

Serious about the woman’s shelter Jack? Let’s make it happen. I’m with you.  And I know a bunch of people that will get on board. Serious about transparency? Let’s start with the Eagle and you using your editorial, not as a place to rant every week, but as a force for positivity and what is good in this community. Serious about me taking you seriously for a change? Stop asking rhetorical questions in your editorial that lead people to believe something that isn’t grounded in reality.

And for all you Cochrane businesses out there, this is a very important point. I DO NOT read the papers. Which means I don’t see your advertising. Which means I don’t shop at your store. Sorry. Check out my post “Worried about Walmart?” for some ideas on how to connect with me (and all the other people like me). Or post a comment below and we can chat about engaging me in a post “weekly paper world”.


  1. Wanting to “kill the transit” is the same stupid small town thinking which slowed (or stopped) Walmart, put a new pool / rec facility in question and prevented this town not just a good place but a great place to live. All the while the population has increased from 12k to 17k in the time we have been here with no substantial change to services or infrastructure. We moved here from a MB town of 4K that had a Walmart AND public trans. WTF?

    1. Thanks for the reply Chris. It’s interesting, sometimes it feels like there’s a segment of the population in this town that has their head in the sand about what is really going on, population and growth wise. Don’t get me wrong, I love the “small town feel”, knowing who my neighbors are and having the girls over at Java Jamboree know my name AND what I’m about to order. But pretending growth isn’t happening by not even considering what services and infrastructure would help keep that growth on a more sustainable trajectory is quite odd. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months as this conversation unfolds!

      1. You nailed it! We love this town but some of the people, ug. They wait, watching out the corner of their blinds for some reason to call by-law Bob. Here in BowMeadows it is almost Nazi-like; do what we say or else. Had a neighbor who was in the hospital having cemo get a ticket for snow on the sidewalk. If it really bothers “you” that much shovel it.
        Keep up the good commentary Jeff.

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