Nuclear Energy. Urbanization. GMO. All good, according to…

Stewart Brand, who in the late 1960’s started the Whole Earth Catalogue (definitely a hippy rag). If you haven’t read his book Whole Earth Discipline yet, it’s on my must read list (which probably has fewer than 20 books on it…so you know it must be good!).

This is the first of my “recommended reads” blog posts. I find myself frequently sharing with friends and family what I’ve been reading, so I thought that you might enjoy my thoughts as well.

Brand shakes up many enviro-myths with his pragmatic approach to the environmental problems the world faces. Very convincing, very well researched and grounded in convincing facts and interviews with leading experts from a variety of fields…Brand lays out a clear path to a more sustainable future.

It’s not often that you see Paul Hawken (another great author) giving out his highest compliment to a book, the fact that it “changed his mind”.

“Stewart Brand defines iconoclastic, and has now raised the bar with the most important work of his lifetime, likely one of the most original and important books of the century. As the title connotes, the writing is about disciplined thinking. Shibboleths, ideological cant, and green fetishes are put to the side with the clarity and expertise gained by years of research and forethought, a mindbending exploration of what humankind can and must do to retain the mantle of civilization. The highest compliment one can give a book is ‘it changed my mind.’ It changed mine and I am grateful.”           –Paul Hawken

It certainly changed my mind about a lot of environmental dogma’s (and environmentalists, more on that later!), and hopefully you find it equally enjoyable and enlightening.

At the very least, watch this TED Talk.

What do you think?

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